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Terms and Conditions for the ManulifeMOVE Earn-Your-Watch Programme

Please read these terms and conditions (“Terms”) before participating in the ManulifeMOVE Earn-Your-Watch (“EYW”) Programme (“EYW Programme”). Your participation in the EYW Programme means you unreservedly accept the following Terms. Manulife (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (“We/Us/Manulife”) may vary these Terms without any notice to you.

  • A. Eligibility conditions

    You will be eligible to participate in the EYW Programme if:

    1. you are the primary life assured of at least one Manulife policy (“Eligible Policy”) issued policy issued between 1 January 2018 and 25 December 2018, both dates inclusive, and where the policy is either:
      1. a regular premium policy with a minimum annual premium of SGD/USD 6,000; or
      2. an Heirloom, or a Signature Series single premium policy;
    2. you were the primary life assured of the Eligible Policy when it first commenced;
    3. you are/were at least 18 years of age at the inception of the Eligible Policy;
    4. your mobile number was provided when the Eligible Policy was purchased (as part of the application process);
    5. you are using a mobile phone operating on the iOS platform; and
    6. the free-look period of the Eligible Policy has ended.

    Note: For an Eligible Policy which has more than one primary life assured, the EYW Programme membership will be offered to the life assured who is the policyowner.

    You will only be entitled to one EYW Programme membership, regardless of the number of Eligible Policies of which you are the primary life assured. Once you have been eligible for and have received the rewards under the EYW Programme, you will not be eligible for the EYW Programme again, even if you satisfy all the above eligibility conditions again.

  • B. Membership activation

    Your EYW Programme membership will be activated on the Monday after all the following conditions are met:

    1. You qualify for and have activated your ManulifeMOVE Rewards Programme membership using the MOVE key sent to you on your registered mobile phone number;
    2. You have purchased an Apple Watch Series 3 or later models (“Watch”) at an iStudio store in Singapore after activation of your ManulifeMOVE Rewards Programme membership, via either of the following methods:
      a. reserving the Watch through the ManulifeMOVE mobile application, or
      b. walking-in to an iStudio store as listed on the ManulifeMOVE mobile application for the purchase of the Watch;
    3. You have been verified to be eligible after you presented your MOVE key at the iStudio store at the point of purchase of your Watch, for verification of your eligibility for the EYW Programme; and
    4. You have set up your Watch as the connected device on your ManulifeMOVE mobile application, within 90 days of purchase of the Watch.

    Please be advised that once purchased at the iStudio store, the Watch cannot be exchanged or refunded for.

  • C. Membership term

    The term of your EYW Programme membership will be of 52 weeks after activation of your EYW Programme membership and you will not be eligible and will not receive any rewards under the EYW Programme after the term.

  • D. EYW Programme rewards

    You will earn EYW cashback credit of SGD 10 for every week (Monday to Sunday) when you meet the following:

    1. you achieve an Active Week, where “Active Week” means you close all of the Move, Exercise and Stand rings in a single day, at least 4 times from Monday to Sunday; and
    2. you accumulate 10,000 average daily steps over the same week (Monday to Sunday).

    This means that if you earn EYW cashback credits every week over the 52 weeks while your EYW Programme membership is active, you will earn SGD 520 in total.

    You will be notified via your MOVE mobile application if you earn an EYW cashback credit.

    Note: If you are unsure about whether the EYW Programme is appropriate for your needs and health condition, please consult your physician or other healthcare professionals before/during the EYW Programme.

  • E. Payment of rewards

    The EYW cashback credits will be paid every 26 weeks from the activation of your EYW Programme membership, based on the total accumulated EYW cashback credits over the 26 weeks period.

    The payment will be made to the policyowner of your Eligible Policy, via a cheque issued by a Singapore local bank, which will be mailed to the residential address of the Eligible Policy’s policyowner.

    It is your responsibility to ensure that the address is correct at the point of Eligible Policy application and thereafter.

    If the Eligible Policy’s policyowner (or the assignor of an assigned Eligible Policy) is a corporate entity, the premium cashback will instead be payable to Eligible Policy’s primary life assured.

    The payment methods of the EYW cashback may be changed at any time, without prior notification.

  • F. Membership suspension and termination

    Your EYW Programme membership will be suspended for 26 weeks if you fail to meet any or all the eligibility conditions at any point during your membership.

    Your membership will be reinstated if:

    1. you are able to meet all the eligibility conditions within 26 weeks from when your membership was suspended; and
    2. your membership term has not ended yet.
    3. You will not be eligible for any weekly EYW cashback credits during the suspension period.
    4. Any Active Week(s) and steps goals achieved during the suspension period will not be accounted and credited for even upon reinstatement.
    5. If the reinstatement of the membership takes place anytime during the week except for a Monday, that week will not be considered a full cycle and will not be accounted and credited for.
    6. If you are unable to meet all the eligibility conditions within the 26 weeks suspension period, your membership will be terminated.
    7. You may also choose to terminate your EYW Programme membership at any point by notifying Us via email at service@manulife.com, or by calling our Client Services Executives at (65) 6833-8188 during office hours, from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).
  • G. Other conditions
    1. These Terms are accurate as at the date below. These Terms will be updated if there are any changes to this EYW Programme.
    2. Please refer to www.manulifemove.sg for the latest Terms of this EYW Programme.
    3. Participating in the EYW Programme, you consent to being contacted for feedback regarding the EYW Programme and/or related activities.
    4. Manulife’s decision on all matters relating to the EYW Programme is final and binding on all users.
    5. Manulife reserves the right to abolish, grant, refuse, terminate or amend the membership of any user or the EYW Programme at any point of time, for any reason whatsoever. All decisions made are final.
    6. A person who is not a party of these Terms has no right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act (Cap 53B Singapore Statues) to enforce any the terms mentioned herein.
    7. These Terms will be governed by the laws of the Republic of Singapore and the parties agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in the Republic of Singapore.
    8. For any other information or assistance you may email Us at service@manulife.com or call our Client Services Executives at (65) 6833-8188 during office hours, from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).
    9. In addition to these Terms, please also refer to our Statement of Personal Data Protection.
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